Frequently Asked Questions

and Frequently Requested Answers

The IOP is a highly logical operation if you understand it, but if you don't know what's going on, it can seem ridiculous. To defend our logicality, we have created this list of things often not understood.

Who is Arthur Galpin?

Arthur Galpin is an inflatable whale. Every year, he runs for GM.

What's a GM?

GM stands for Grand Marshal, the highest and oldest position in student government at RPI.

What does the GM do?

Officially, the GM represents the student body and presides over the Student Senate. A GM can get away without doing much of anything, which is why Arthur is a good fit.

Why should I vote for an inflatable whale?

Because he would do a better job than any of the animate candidates. They don't do much that's useful, and unlike Arthur, they can make things worse.

Voting for Arthur also allows you to collect your GM Week mug without becoming responsible for anyone winning.

Is it all right if I vote for someone else?

If you sincerely believe an animate candidate would do a better job than an inflatable whale, go ahead, we can't stop you.

How do I vote for Arthur? He wasn't on the ballot!

Arthur doesn't appear on the ballot because RNE (the people who run the elections) don't think inflatable whales should be allowed to win. You'll have to write him in.

What would happen if Arthur got the most votes?

RNE would throw out all his votes like they always do, and declare the runner-up the winner.

Has Arthur ever won?

We can't be sure, but it's likely.

How many votes does Arthur get?

The official numbers never add up properly, but he seems to have gotten 15 to 20 percent in recent years.

Who is Alby?

Alby is an albino squirrel who lived near Sage Labs. Several years ago, she became inanimate, and some IOP members decided to run her for PU.

What is a PU?

PU stands for President of the (Student) Union.

What does the PU do?

The PU runs the Student Union Executive Board, the people responsible for spending your activity fee. The position requires someone bold and reliable, like Alby.

What is the Student Senate?

Some people picked to represent the student body.

What does the Student Senate do?

Mostly they design websites.

Who are the IOP candidates for the Student Senate?

We never bothered picking any. Just write in Arthur or any other inanimate object you want.

What about all those other lines on the ballot?

Same idea, write in Arthur or any other inanimate object that fits the position.

Who are you guys?

We are students like you, fighting for the same parking spots, detouring around the same construction sites, and failing the same classes. We are the Inanimate Objects Party, and we're doing something about it.

Isn't campaigning for an inflatable whale apathetic about student government?

Many voters support Arthur out of apathy, but the IOP is usually driven by fury, not apathy.

How did you get an inflatable whale onto the CII roof?

Quantum tunneling.